Puhlmatic 2000 Typ RPA

Mitering Press PUHLMATIC 2000
to fit together miter joints with a length of up to 100 mm.
Two guides at the side and one in the center dispense with the need for manual alignment of the miter joints.
The Press is adjustable from 30° to 90° and is loaded from the front.
The joints are glued with a hot-melt glue, with permits the user to produce one corner joint in approximately 3 to 5 seconds. A four-cornered frame can be produced in some 40 seconds, including the time required to load the
press. The various cycles - glue coating, pressing, bonding and releasing are performed automatically.
The press is easy to operate and is extremly efficient. Special versions of the PUHLMATIC 2000,
permitting processing of miter joints in excess of 100 mm, are availble on order.

Technical Data:
Voltage: 220 Volt
Heater: 800 Watt
Compressed air: 5 - 6 bar

We reserve the right to make technical modifications

DGBM patent pending in Germany and abroad