Technical Data:
Bonding length: 100 mm
Bonding hight: 100 mm
Bonding times: adjustable from 1 to 15 seconds
Voltage 400 Volt
Compressed air: 5-6 bar

We reserve the right to make technical modifications

Puhlmatic 2050 White Glue

Modern Technology for YOUR Frame Bonding Requirements Puhlmatic 2050 White Glue
A well tought-out concept that sets new standards! The Puhlmatic 2050 White Glue is the consistent further development of thefield-proven Puhlmatic 2000 hot-melt glue bonding machine.

Mode of operation:
Insert the material for bonding. The centre guide we have developed dispenses with the need
to align the surfaces for bonding.

The various cycles are performed automatically:
clamping-glue - coating - pressing - high frequency - bonding time- releasing - removing the component

Depending on the kind of material used, a joint is produced in 3 to 5 seconds.
A complete four-cornered frame can be produced in some 40 seconds, includingthe time required to load the press.

The new technology offers YOU 3 decisive advantages:

  • Consistently high STRENGTH , using white glue as a bonding agent,
    therefore ideal for batch produktion of picture frames.
  • Low cost bonding through fully-automatic operation, saving time by over
    50% compared with conventional technology.
  • Versatile application for a variety of profiles and materials, e.g.
    wood, MDF-profiles, chipboard.

Special versions of the PUHLMATIC 2050, permitting processing of mitre joints in excess of 100 mm,
can be supplied on request

DGBM patent pending in Germany and abroad